BH Professionals

Join the BH professional network

If you are a Rectifier, Mechanic, Engines Preparer or Retailer, you can join BH professional network by completing the form below.

Your membership to BH Professional Network allows you to:
• Access Assist BH, that is the BH exclusive platform for customers that allows you to search, identify and easily obtain information on camshafts. Assist BH contains technical descriptions such as  measurements, OEM Compatibility Forms, and more.
• Receive updates on BH products and new models released.
• Suggest the development of new models, according to your needs.
• Participate in training sessions; visit the industrial plant of BH in Tandil, business seminars and professional development.
• Receive exclusive benefits of hired BH professionals.
• Access exclusive giveaways and promotions.
• Participate on the Online Rectifiers Forum to exchange information with colleagues, suppliers, vendors and BH headquarters.

Send your application to, stating your Name, Address, Company and Position.