Integrated Value Chain

BH considers that industrial processes, commercial processes, and customer service should be made internally to a more effective integration in the value chain in the distribution networks. With that being said at BH, we integrate the value networks of our customers with the following processes, also linked to continuous improvement.
-Business management and production planning: The highest levels of satisfaction in deliveries are made by a core activity of production planning and generation of plans with the most important national distributors of auto parts, a cornerstone of the BH distribution network. Continuous provision plans are made, in order to supply the needs of our clients.

-Management of new products: BH considered high levels of availability of a broad line of products as a crucial element for their service levels. For over 30 years, customers have evaluated BH as a key driver for the variety of product in the BH line. For this purpose, BH has a process of new product development for high levels of customer involvement, professionals, and end users. The determination of new products is performed jointly with representatives of all levels in the value chain.

-Administrative management: As part of the internal service, they ensure the highest levels of administration, for the purposes of effective production planning and ensuring service levels